Beauty lies in the lash of the beholder.

The new eyelash growth agent Long 4 Lashes (3ml) works exactly the same as careprost (3ml), which is scientifically proven. Careprost should no longer be marketed in Europe because the ingredient Bimatoprost falls under the Medicines Act. Therefore, Long 4 Lashes by Oceanic has replaced this forbidden ingredient for exactly the same ingredient Isopropyl Cloprostenate. This is marketed by us in Europe.

This is the only ingredient that your eyelashes grow from. Your eyelashes become visibly longer, thicker and darker! For women who know that beauty and radiance go hand in hand. Because of the new composition, our product is cheaper than any other brand. We offer free shipping with Track & Trace, so you do not pay any additional costs as with many other providers.

Long 4 Lashes can be used every day, just like Careprost you apply it with a small brush on the lash of your eyelashes. After about 6 weeks you will see results and after 12 weeks the maximum result has been achieved. Your eyelashes are considerably longer, fuller and thicker.