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Scarlet Francini together with her daughter Virginia, are the driving forces behind Sparkling & Fabulous. We have noticed that the products we offer are often very difficult to find on the European market. That is why we have decided to offer these products ourselves, and by using our products ourselves we are convinced of how they work. On our order page you can choose from the following products:

Melatonin - This is a natural hormone that is produced in the brain and that plays a role in the sleep-wake rhythm of the human body. Due to circumstances it may be that the body does not produce enough of this natural hormone and therefore we recommend Melatonin especially in certain forms of insomnia.

Vitamin A acid 0.025% and 0.05% - This anti-aging cream is an efficient solution to combat skin aging due to the powerful ingredient Tretinoin. The function of this cream ensures that the cells turnover is increased which leads to a peeling of the dead outer layer of the skin.

Long 4 Lashes by Oceanic - This multi-active eyelash serum is inspired by leading cosmetics leaders, it contains effective ingredients such as Isopropyl Cloprostenate, the strengthening Penthasymin, active peptides, pro vitamin B and sweet almond oil. This gives you guaranteed longer, fuller and darker lashes and eyebrows

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